Hey y’all,

It’s Levi here again. This one is going to be short, but not due to a lack of topics. Rather, its because of excitement! The last “major holiday” of the year is this weekend here in Iowa: PHEASANT OPENER!!!

Between seeing flushing roosters while duck hunting to chasing them in southern Minnesota, the itch has been growing with every day. Growing up as a pheasant hunter and habitat planter, my passion for pheasant hunting is long held. Now, if I am being honest, honker hunting is my favorite. But, there is just something about those long tail feathers and loud cackles that soothes the soul!

Now, the hunt is fun, shooting is awesome, and they taste delicious. I do not want to discount any of that. But, what I am most looking forward to is looking both ways and seeing my fiancé, my Dad, and my Dog! (In no certain order!)

Is anyone else going out this weekend? If so, comment below and tag us in your pictures! If you do, you might just get a hat, shirt, or some other SBA swag, so POST POST POST!

Good luck and shoot straight ladies and gents!

Levi Wittrock
Director of Business Development
Sportsmen’s Business Alliance
(712) 210-6391

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