Northern Flight Guide Service

Northern Flight Guide Service

1012 Woodland Drive, Devils Lake, North Dakota, USA 58301

The Devils Lake region is positioned in the heart of the prairie pothole country in north central North Dakota. In the past years our area has been an epicenter for a large percentage of the continental duck production. Our area hosts a massive variety of migrating ducks and geese that travel the central flyway. Our region is one of the largest fall staging areas for snow and blue geese, produce and are home to thousands of giant Canada geese, and hosts thousands of Sandhill crane each season. Few places can offer the variety and quality of waterfowl hunting that the Devils Lake region has to offer.

Come and experience an in-your-face guided duck or goose hunt over the harvested grain fields of North Dakota. You will enjoy mallards, pintails, snow geese, Canada geese, and Sandhill crane over state of the art decoy spreads. Nothing beats close shots at waterfowl being fooled at sun up!

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