Commander’s Corner

Commander’s Corner

610 County Road 371, Wilmot, Arkansas, USA 71676

Established in the 1800’s, Commander’s Corner Guide Service is a family owned entity located in Southwest Ashley County, less than a mile from the Louisiana state line. Over the years, this location has been regarded as some of the finest waterfowl hunting land in the country. Our privately owned and hunted land lies been Overflow National Wildlife Refuge and the Louisiana state line.

Overflow National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1980 to protect one of the remaining bottom land hardwood forests considered vital for maintaining mallard, wood duck, and other waterfowl populations in the Mississippi Flyway. The fabled southeastern Arkansas region teems with overwintering waterfowl and Commander’s Corner is poised to make the most of it each and every year. Our highly-coveted, privately-owned inholding is perfectly situated in the middle of Overflow NWR’s 6,000-acre waterfowl sanctuary. Heavy straps are the norm. Mallards comprise the bulk of daily harvests. The mallards may not come out to play in earnest until the sun comes up, but most mornings you won’t want to miss the spectacle that is numerous swarms of waterfowl trafficking the sky at sunrise.

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