737 Duck Calls

737 Duck Calls

2400 W Wrangler Blvd, Seminole, Oklahoma, USA 74868

It has been a passion since youth to pursue waterfowl for the two founding partners of 737 Duck Calls. This passion has evolved into more than just “pulling the trigger” or “taking a limit”. Habitat management has become a year-round addiction, always trying to entice as many ducks as possible into managed habitats.

Along with this progression came the urge to handcraft a duck call with a unique sound all to its own. One that would help enable fellow hunters to persuade their quarry into close gunning range. After countless garage hours working on the lathe; the “perfect” insert and design were developed.

The mission of 737 Duck Calls is to produce the highest quality product possible; to construct an invaluable tool for the waterfowl hunting enthusiast, and to provide constant exceptional customer service.

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